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There is a shiny, newly rebuilt front driveline for a Ford truck sitting on the chopping block in the kitchen. The chopping block where Christmas cookies will soon be cooling. U-joints, with their machined-steel bearing caps, are attached to the ends of the driveline. Captain OCD is holding the oldish, unshiny U-bolts to the bearing caps on the U-joints and I ask if that’s where they go because I can’t quite picture how it’s installed under the truck. Surely those crusty old bolts don’t mate with those shiny new surfaces? He says yes, and shows me how the inside of the U-part of the bolt is flattish where the bearing caps are supposed to rest. This offends my aesthetic sensibility and I question his assertion. He doesn’t understand what part of what he’s told me I’m not comprehending: “Haven’t you ever installed a U-joint before?”

Good thing C1 brought the driveline over this morning, because this is no weather to be without all four of your tires pulling their fair share of the load. Christmas light


snow chives

We like our chives nice and cold.