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There is a new coffee drive-through place in town, the name of which is Kick’n Coffee. Their logo appears to be an ass kicking a cup of coffee. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard enough time not wearing my morning beverage even without the help of a donkey kicking my cup. I don’t drink coffee and so am not too familiar with coffee culture, which is why I appreciate their tagline that is helpful for people like me, people who might otherwise drive circles in the parking lot in a state of confusion, wondering just exactly what Kick’n Coffee is selling: Kick’n Coffee: Coffee With A Kick.

Another coffee-related note: There was yet another robbery at a coffee stand, the kind that requires their employees to wear bikinis to assemble and serve coffee drinks. Naturally, the baristas are typically under 22 years old and not unattractive. A TV news reporter interviewed the owner, who looked to be in his mid-30s and not so much not unattractive. Even though he was at home, he was able to call police as the robbery happened because he has, “for security reasons,” a Web cam set up in the tiny coffee stand. They showed the footage, again and again, of the girl in the bikini and Uggs getting robbed. The camera angle suggested the camera was high on the wall, the better to survey the inside of the 90-square-foot building. Probably just a coincidence that it also provides the owner with a round-the-clock bird’s-eye view of his employees’ cleavage.