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Most evenings before I go to bed I grind coffee and set the pot to turn on at 4:30 the next morning. I don’t drink coffee, so how it tastes is of no concern to me, although I’m told that it tastes good. I wouldn’t, however, presume that to be the general opinion of coffee drinkers who are particular about their brew. When Captain OCD doesn’t work regular hours, I don’t make coffee the night before.

If you’ve ever ground coffee beans, you know that they are oily and the grounds are staticy and they stick to the plastic bits of the grinder. I don’t wash it regularly because it’s hard to get it completely dry, which makes the next grind session even messier. Because lately I haven’t been making the coffee every night, that grinder is sitting there, mocking Captain OCD with its grounds stuck improbably to all of its interior vertical surfaces. So, of course, he scrubbed it up and now it’s nice and sparkly clean. So clean that he doesn’t want to get it dirty, so he drives down to the corner store every morning to buy a cup of coffee.