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From Craigslist barter section:

I am wanting to go see my bf who lives out in Missouri. I havent seen him sice xmas. He isnt able to help me because he is partially disabled and only recieves 660 a month from SSI. I am needing $700 to make the trip (r/t) and I am willing to do work for you in exchange for this help, all or partial donations accepted. I can paint, mow your lawn (I have a lawnmower), run your errands, fix stuff (I do handyman work), clean or redecorate your house (18 yrs pro exp), data entry, you name it, I will probably do it. I AM THAT DESPERATE. If I had the funds and the means I would just move back to Missouri and be done with this long distance crap, I am tired of missing him. And PLEASE , do not get all over my ass and tell me to go get a job because that isnt happening, I have a very bad past criminal record that stands in the way etc .

If you can help out in ANY way possible, feel free to call me at either of the numbers listed below or if you would like to contribute a $1.00 towards my trip and future move to Missouri, I accept Paypal

The first thing I look for in a house cleaner or redecorator is one with a very bad past criminal record so bad that she can’t get a job etc. Seems like $700 for a vacation would be just about the right amount of funds and means for an unemployable person to move to Missouri.

And this:

I am looking for a tatoo artist, plane ride, and gentle dental work in exchange for energy therapy. I am a practitioner in the Peruvian shamanic therapies of the Q’ero people, and can perform illuminations, soul retrieval and extractions in the energetic realm as trained by the Four Winds Society (an integrous school). We can discuss further details if interested.

I’m looking for holistic dental work, a plane ride for two from Seattle to Eugene, OR area & back for the Oregon Country Fair, July 11-13, and an “initiation” tatoo from a fabulous artist whom employs healthy, good intended practices.

Not sure I want to know what an “‘initiation’ tatoo” might be for someone skilled in the art of Peruvian shamanic soul retrievals.