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Good news for those of you traveling first class on Delta. There is still, surprisingly, “a selection of complimentary, high-quality, name-brand snacks” available to all travelers on any flight over one hour (under one hour, one is limited to one snack item, with no guarantee of high quality or brand name). In first class, one may choose items from the Snack Basket. In coach, one’s selection is limited to a “choice of one item” out of two. But the exciting news: one of the perks of your first-class ticket, four times the cost of a coach ticket, is that your choice of snacks from the Snack Basket is doubled: Sun Chips and Quaker Granola Bars are not available to the unwashed masses squatting in the aft section of the cabin, who must make do with nothing more than a packet of cookies or dry roasted peanuts.