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Ever wonder what your MyFace Generation kids talk like when they go all Web 2.0? A Skype chat transcript between the 24-year-old brother (24? That makes his father very old) who was home for the weekend (C1), and the 20-year-old (when did that happen?!) sister (C2), who is in Chile:

C2: hi are you home?

C1: this is your brother

C2: um youre not who i want to talk to

C2 : sup?

C2 : joke

C1 : too bad this is who you get

C2 : i need to ask her about caches on my computer

C2 : and if i can delete them

C1 : she doesn’t know anything about that

C2 : my comp be hellza slow

C1 : too bad soooo sad

C2 : yes she does

C1 : she said she doesn’t like you any more, I’m the favorite

C1 : no more presents for C2

C2 : shut up

C2 : why are you home?

C1 : I’m making automobiles run again

C1 : I’m un Captain OCDing them

C2 : hahahahah

C2 : sound like fun

C2 : the truck or the audi?

C1 : audi

C2 : its still alive?

C1 : mom said she needs to investigate into your cache problem

C1 : yes it is it has 300,971 miles on it

C2 : jesus

C2 : ok

C2 : also tell her my wrist still hurts real bad

C2 : but im taking IB profen

C1 : she says hike your shorts up sally

C1 : what did you do to it

C2 : that doesnt even make sense for the situation

C2 : i dunno

C2 : it just hurts

C2 : oh wait, does that mean suck it up?

C1 : yes

C2 : NOO

C1 : you probably hurt it when you were at your sunday scripture reading

C2 : oh man thats it!!

C2 : thanks

C2 : i never would have figured that out

C2 : k dinner time

C1 : sometimes too much prayer can injure us


C1 : what are you having

C2 : i dont know

C2 : good food

C2 : probs

C2 : bye!! 🙂 😉

C2 : hahah

C2 : l8r

C1 : talk to you later

C2 : lolz

C2 : ttyl

C1 : kit [Let’s go with definition 1 and not humor the hostile contributor of 3]

Warms this mother’s heart to witness the deep and abiding love and respect between them that we so successfully nurtured during their formative years.

*POS (definition 2, minus the “gay” and “losers with no life” parts)