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I’ve been reading a little bit about California’s Proposition 8. Originally submitted as the “California Marriage Protection Act,” it would make it illegal for same sex couples to marry in California. A couple of my problems with this, expanded to a national level (which is where this issue is headed):

1) I have yet to figure out how my neighbors getting married to each other is a threat to my marriage that is very nearly 27 years old, especially when they’ve been a couple for much longer than we have. If a couple of old guys who’ve been in a loving, committed relationship for decades can threaten my marriage, whether or not those guys get married should be the least of my marriage’s concerns.

2) If marriage is going to be legally and not just religiously defined as valid only when it’s a union between a man and a woman, how can I get out of my marriage and into a civil union? If such narrow parameters based on religion are going to be codified into law, I no longer want any part of marriage.