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This morning I got out of bed some time after dawn. While still in bed, Captain OCD told me to call C1 when I got up. Just as I walked out of the bedroom, I answered a call from a number and a happy voice I wasn’t sure I recognized:

Time to get out of bed, sleepyhead!

While C1 would not have been surprised to know that I hadn’t gotten up at the crack of 8:00, he is not likely to call me sleepyhead in an endearing tone. But how did this possible stranger know I’d just gotten up? Then:

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Now I was even more confused in my half-awoken state because C1’s birthday was a few days ago. A moment later when I realized that I probably didn’t know the caller, I told him that he must have the wrong number, but thanks all the same. He apologized over and over for bothering me, but I told him to please not be sorry because there are worse ways to begin the day than being called sweetheart by a stranger.