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On his days off, Captain OCD works. The creativity, ingenuity, and hard physical labor required by what he does is as much sustenance to him as is air, and he has met some really nice people as he helps give shape to their dreams for their homes. He has spent a lot of time at this particular Very Nice House doing Very Nice Work. Here’s yet one example of the extensive work he’s done at this house. What used to look like this:

stairs old

Now looks like this, and every bit of this long stairway was done by hand: Demo, excavating, hauling, and building, because there was no access for machinery. The engineering behind this was no small feat, either, which is where the ingenuity and problem-solving that he loves so much comes in:

Leading down to the deck he rebuilt:

There is a neighbor dog who runs around destroying the other neighbors’ property. He’s chewed through things that don’t belong to him, including tools, plants, and parts of buildings. The driveway at this house was seal-coated and the dog ran through that when it was wet, then ran around the new decks and walkways Captain OCD was finishing, leaving fresh asphalt sealer in the shape of paw prints to dry on the surface. He’s free to run around and destroy things because his owners “just don’t know what to do with him.”

This is part of a guest house belonging to the dog’s owners, and it is beautiful (and that’s a front view of the stairs):

Today Captain OCD noticed a mess on the front lawn of the guest house comprising things that used to be inside the house. Then he noticed that the front door was ajar, so he went over to investigate and saw the dog and a compatriot in the house, somewhat worn out from the hard work of tearing up furniture, among other things. Because he is a much nicer person than I am, he tried to get the dogs out, but they wouldn’t cooperate, so he went back to work and waited for the owner to get home to tell him what had happened. Which was apparent when one looked inside the house to see one of the dogs asleep on the white leather couch.