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I’m calling to confirm that you got all of the pages I faxed?

Why, yes, I was surprised with a giant stack of pages, including the invoice charging so much per page for, what? Our paper and our toner?

I haven’t counted them, but the header says 82 of 82 pages.

No, no. I faxed 142.

I don’t know what to tell you, other than your header says 82 pages.

No, no, we get no such report.

I understand. But the header that your fax machine puts on pages coming from your machine says 82 pages.

What does it say on the last page?

Page 82 of 82.

No, no, there should be 142 pages.

Right. But if you faxed 142 pages, wouldn’t it say X of 142 pages?

Can you go through the pages and tell me which are missing?

I don’t know what you intended to fax to me, so I wouldn’t be able to tell what’s missing.

But if you tell me what is not there, I will try to send those pages.